Forex trading platforms and Forex

Think of the "platform" such as roads and highways linking all markets, including finanical traders. At baseline, each must be connected to the Internet. On top of that the link layer, all programs and systems must be able to communicate with each other.All data must be stored somewhere, and all users must connect to one in which some - which is when the "platform" comes into play, then, there are many data centers around the world, and all update each other so that there are many copies of the same information in several places

When something ever happens - either a trade or new - all servers are updated ultra-fast, and we are all connected to this information via the platform.Each provider of a forex trading robot or consultant chosen to do his pruct "talk" to a worldwide platform. With a very wide margin, MetaTrader 4 is the platform of choice used by almost all companies that I found so far.Overcome language problems, computer problems operating system and runs on all international courts.Therefore, MetaTrader 4 is the best and most common for brokers, banks and finance companies, management centers and, of course, sellers of robots / consultants. The main advantages are:The coverage of financial marketsThe trading platform MetaTrader 4 covers all brokerage and international trade in the Forex, Futures and CFD. And "what is used for all reports and information services.Multi-currency basisThe system is designed on a multi-currency. This means that any currency can be used as a currency used in the general operation of the entire complex in all countries with a national currency.Economy and productivitytransfer protocols and treatment used by MetaTrader 4 are characterized by their economy. This means that the server as a low power Pentium 4 2 GHz, 512 DDR RAM, 80 GB hard drive can handle many thousands of merchants at the same time. Its new data link protocols reduce both the requirements and costs.ReliabilityAt the very end of the server is stored in several places.And these backups are synchronized. So if ever there was damage in the entire history can be restored. Historical database can be recovered in minutes, with the help of another MetaTrader 4 server.SecurityTo ensure safety, all information exchanged between parts of the complex is encrypted by 128-bit key. Such solution guarantees safekeeping of information transferred and leaves no possibility of a third person to use. A built-in System Guard DDoS attacks increases the stability of server and operating system as a whole.DDoS is where a person may use thousands of infected computers to attack the MetaTrader 4 server. DDoS attacks of the resistance is very important. What they do is hide the server IP address and filter incoming attacks. Data Centers also have a built-in DDoS protection systems.DDoS protection is on several levels.MultilingualMetaTrader 4 supports different languages, and a multi-language pack is included in the distribution package. It provides the translation of all program interfaces into any language. With the help of Multi-Language Pack you can easily create any language and integrate into the program.This feature of MetaTrader 4 system leads closer to end users in all countries in the world.Application Program InterfacesThink of it as a "plug-in." MetaTrader 4 Server API allows customization of the role of the platform to meet your needs. Forex Robot vendors use the API to get their program to communicate with the platform. The API unifies everything and can solve a wide range of problems:creating additional analyzers for finding a trend monthly growth of operators;* The creation of applications for integration into other systems;* Extend the functionality of the server;* Set up your own system work control mechanisms;and do much more.Integration with Web ServicesTo provide traders with better services, the system supports integration with web services (www, wap). This feature allows real-time quotes and charts from the release of a web site, dynamic tables containing contest results and much more. This is also a very powerful feature called Expert Advisors by the sellers.Flexibility of the systemThe platform has a wide range of customizable features.You can set all parameters, because the trading session on the detailed properties of financial instruments of each user group.SubadministrationSubadministration mechanisms allow many Introducing Brokers (IB) on one server quite easily. For the treatment of all accounts and customer orders of IBS, one server is needed.Because of the power and flexibility of MetaTrader 4, which can be used by all groups of people around the world, and that all groups of users can communicate with the server in the same way, is the default choice for more experienced consultants Forex robots