Forex: How to Trade

Forex trading is a business where profits and risks together.If you are interested in forex trading you can use forex accelerator course by Bill Poulos profit organization that aims to teach people how to make instant profits in the forex business. Bill Poulos has trade forex successful year and an expert teacher. You can follow the instructions from him and wait to see your profits run.The question most beginners ask is how currency trading.Here is a typical business situation.
We assume that this is a standard lot that you will be trading in. includes a standard lot of 100,000 units of currency.Suppose now that the offer / ask quote of EUR / USD is 1.3802/05 and you want to take a long position in it. Skip long means that you buy because you think that the euro against the dollar gain.When you do this command, then you are actually buying € 100,000 for $ 138 050 at 1.38050 to the dollar. Margin, you must apply for this trade is $ 1381, which is 100:1.If the euro has made progress against the dollar and is currently trading at 1.3865/68 and you decide to book a profit, you have to sell a standard lot. The benefit you are at home 60 points.When you sell the pair you sold 100,000 EUR 138,650 USD to 1.3865 per dollar. Given that you have purchased the item for $ 138 050 making a profit of $ 600 in cash. So profits are running directly in currency markets.There is a possibility that the euro is falling rather than to win. Assume that the euro fell to 1.3775/78 and you want to trade, you are booking a loss of $ 300 (the difference between you buying for 138,050 and selling 137,750) that the euro has dropped 30 pips.You invested $ 1,381 in trade, and you must protect your capital by means of a sound risk management rules. This is an important part of the negotiations to ensure equity in your account not subject to margin levels. If so, will your company be liquidated automatically results in a significant loss.