Forex day trading - Do it and lose your money fast

Day trading is a mugs game - the currency market Forex traders who make trades per day instead of following trends in the long run, make a big mistake - risk / reward is terrible in comparison.
The Internet is full of dealers and vendors to encourage operators to day trade - and to offer "infallible" day trading systems - which is not a surprise, since most have an interest - they are more commissions!
Do not be sucked into the hype surrounding the currency day trading.
You do a lot of money from major trends - are the key trends that generate large profits.

Several days ago Forex Trading Myths, and here are the most common:
1. You can limit losses small
Of course you can - but then, you will not have enough winning trades to offset losses, and you end up losing in the long run - just not the movement will be long enough to cover the inevitable losses.
2. Spread and impact fees
Commissions and slippage add FOREX trading day, and the impact on your profits and losses even further.
Let's say you earn 50% of your trades and losing others, (a respectable success rate) - which means that the benefits of the day will be at least 2 or 3 times larger than the losses, make significant gains - and it is extremely difficult to obtain.
In the system long-term trend following can make money, based on a success rate of less than 50 to 50, that profits will be (if the system is a solid basis) of much higher losses.
3. Forex trading systems day and can not put the odds in your favor Not! - The fact that people think they can predict market trends in a small space of time shows a lack of knowledge.
Each piece is priced based on the following:
Supply and demand + human psychology = market price
The supply and demand, and psychology human equation must be measured in the long term - and can not be accurately predicted in a short time as one day.
Why? It just is not enough information to base your trading on short time intervals.
Currency markets are all about probability, and can be measured more accurately, looking at the long term, because there is a greater quantity of reliable data to look at.
Currency long-term trend, and the amount of data and reliability of trends in this period of time doing long-term trend following the way of making money, and has several advantages:
1. Have a greater amount of reliable and able to calculate the best chance.
2. Winning trades by their nature, will be far superior to that of the trading day.
3. Commission and slippage will not be much effect on your profits.
Forex day traders do not do much as followers of long-term trends
The fact is that the odds are in favor of trend followers in the long term, targeting high profits of the major movements - not day traders looking for profits (which, by their nature tend to be small) - that profits are pursued in a very limited window of time, leading to losses over time and high transaction costs.