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Summary: Obviously it works. They claim 100% successful trades. A live account, I discovered it really is 100% successful trades and 170% net profit more than 7 weeks.The disadvantages are that you need to save manually (robot gives only one signal), or pay an additional $ 97 per month for the auto-shop version. A version of the Auto-Trade supports only one broker - FXCM. I recommend Forex Ambush - it does not work as advertised. $ 197 for the manual version, plus $ 97 per month for the auto-pilot trading. 60 day money back guarantee

 Forex Ambush 2.0 uses advanced tailor-made, artificial intelligence, to process Forex data. Most analysis of live and historical exchange rates and forecast future developments. Once you find a pair that can be determined accurately predicted, you will receive a warning. Forex Ambush 2.0 claims to be 100% accurate so far and have revealed no evidence of a losing trade in the exploration of this reviewLogically, the major banks and trading organizations with technology like this for years. Forex Ambush ambition is that the technology is expanding the market and consumers' hands. Forex Ambush 2.0 claims that it is described as a work so well, it feels like to use insider information to select transactionsMy attitude is that if it is so smart, why can not accommodate him in the future of every movement. Of course, nothing can be done. Instead, what this does is narrow things down to where they can reliably predict future movements. How, for 1,000 movements / changes - perhaps the only one convincedWhat is the problem, as long as it is always right. After reviewing the FAP Turbo and Forex Megadroid, where previously they still better than 95-97% accuracy, 100% success. Forex Ambush is perhaps just a little conservative, I really do not knowLike all professional consultants, do not expect a flood of fast and furious action all day long. These forex robots often go several days without jobs altogetherWhen you visit Forex Ambush website, I was expecting the usual gaudy / tacky sales page - making it as your home - but at least it's a web site from other sites (in contrast to many other manufacturers)I've always wanted to sift through the offer first and see what they say, then the rest of your site before you go to this fully with the investigation of professional tradersIn any case, this is where the Forex Ambush has become a concern - from reading their website and see what it does.What are your "software" may not "trading signals" are - recommendations to buy what and when. They do this by hand shops. This of course means you have to sit at the computer and be ready if you do not make a recommendation. Remember, sometimes there can buy without a signal to allFor this you pay $ 197 - once. I do all the trades manuallyFor the automated forex trading ambush version 2.0, then you should raise to a Diamond Membership level - and it costs $ 97 per month - plus the original $ 197thIn addition, their recommendation for using VPS (Virtual Private Server) for an additional fee of about $ 49 per month. VPS is a server with 24x7 Web-hosting company that has a very fast Internet connection is all about. The main thing is that it is always included. You can log in and manage via web-browserIn any case it is worse when he declared that the automatic version does not work with MetaTrader4 - that is the industry-wide platform for almost anyone. Instead, it uses its own platform - not for logical and explained whyForex Ambush   V1 only supports broker FXCM. You need a regular exchange trading station FXCM account type, not the type MT4 or FXCM Active Trader account.They claim that they not connected in any way with FXCM FXCM - but that's not true. Surely they get a commission from their actionsTheir website quotes "Auto Trade Forex Ambush is a special piece of software that runs on Windows PC or VPS that automatically receives the signals and trades them is executed. This is not EA supports and currently only FXCM. It does not work with Meta Trader 4 "You say, more brokers are supported in the future. This software will interface directly to FXCM by the API (I think plug-in), and that is not installed on your computer through a broker platformBut it really does not make sense to move non-standard platforms such as your connection to which a broker can trade with - namely only one Just a big turn off for meAlso for your site   interface software automatically to your account and make FXCM Forex Ambush signals to you that no other charges; .. This service is free and the service of the Diamond Edition We do not include additional fees or raise the spread of FXCM"I found a live trading account. Starting from an initial state $ 1,393.31 31st March 2009 was 100% successful trades and a net profit of $ 2,367.79 from 15 May 2009. SO 168% profit in 7 weeks, which is up there with the best. You can click on the link below, or click the right mouse button on it and open it in a separate window (be patient, I found a link has 2 minutes to load)Forex Ambush a live account from March 31, 2009User base for forex ambush is very small. With a large forex forums I frequent, most people have not heard of him. It would be nice to look professional, but unfortunately no one seems to knowTo sign and speak only as guest, with whom is online on their products - on its Web site chat room - a nice touch. I would never have a "live trading account" without a chat room have found
CompletionIt works as advertised - 100% successful trades. Forex Ambush is a busy businessman, at a price of $ 197 and still trade manually - and a professional advisor, not a Forex robot. For auto-pilot version, add $ 97 per month, and is with a broker, and their own platform (not MetaTrader4) limitsThat I recommend. Maybe it's for advanced users who are comfortable with arts and crafts. Small user base now - they expect 20,000 users by year-end