Forex Autopilot, 9 years, 93% of business success

Summary: Forex Autopilot is a work horse old and well known. 93). And 'the cheapest I've seen so far. Disadvantage is that when you make a loss, it is a great loss. I saw gains of 20 to $ 20 in a row, then a loss of $ 200. I do not say "no" to it - probably just say perhaps - or "definitely yes" if you also buy Fap Winner so they can advise the best settings for it to work with. $ 97-60 day money back guarantee.
Forex Autopilot is a sophisticated automated Forex trading robots in his time.
Now that the vendor pushes over the product Fap Turbo - twice the money. Forex Autopilot has been around for a long time - 9 years. It has the largest user base of 37,000 facilities.

It works on the MetaTrader 4 platform. Fully automated as its name suggests, the robot, it is ideal for those looking to enjoy without spending hundreds of hours at their computers learning about the Forex.
Forex Autopilot, like all the Expert Advisor is a custom set of trading rules to be executed when he sees the commercial terms of certain conditions. If you do not recognize who wants to market conditions, it does nothing.
In order to install MetaTrader 4 (free) and copy the files in the MetaTrader 4 Forex Autopilot expert (MT4), click a few buttons and you are running.
That's the beauty of the platform MetaTrader MT4. You can have multiple forex robot, each working a different picture - all graphic work a currency other couple. A copy of Meta Trader 4 is available on Forex on autopilot, and the first thing you MetaTrader on start-up is to check whether the latest version.
With Forex Autopilot is all set to "default" and you should leave it like that until they are tested on a demo account / s with your broker or your broker of choice. Leaving to work even after reading the user manual and other materials is forex interesting and fun.
Here are some details worth keeping in mind that we consider Forex Autopilot.
The user guide is 74 pages and is well written. And 'you through the installation and acthvation of the software pretty well. So how to test with historical data. Back test results are confirmed similar to those claimed on the sales page. But back test is not everything - nothing like direct test to know for sure, so there are the demo accounts.
After purchase, you will also receive an ebook to understand the mechanisms of the Forex market. This book is a general guide to the Forex and can be used with any system of forex.
The retail price of $ 97 USD is probably right - he is old, and we are the best forex robot around. When I say that is old, it works on the trading platform to-date - MT4.
And trading strategies are timeless. However, the algorithms developed by people who get better over time. New strategies are developed.
Universally true for all the reviews on this site - all Forex robots are equipped with 8-week unconditional 100 profitable trades is incredibly high - but not as high as others. And it does meet some nice big open trade draw down (DD) to achieve this goal. This means that if it could have closed the trade at a profit during the period of trade may be the increased market and trade against him was in the red (loss) for a while before returning close to its own profit.
However, historical evidence indicates that in the long term the conquest of large numbers at low rates as long as you are willing to lose a few trades than losing.
Although the Forex Autopilot does not put "profit" orders at 20 pips to make sure that captures some profit when it occurs, do not use protective stops to protect your hand down.
The literature strongly recommend against adjusting the stop and take profit levels. I find this concern - but when he tried, he really does degrade performance.
Regarding the size of the position, the default is to use a location of fixed size, rather than a fixed size that more.
This is not the best way to do it not only increases the risk of losing operation after each exchange, but also slows the growth of the account after winning trades.
It is much better to have set it as a percentage of account size available. So, how to grow your balance, profits grow too much to be worse.
A fixed percentage of your account will adjust the size up and down the position that the account increases or decreases, and is generally a better idea. And you can set to use Forex Autopilot on a fixed percentage, but this is not the default.
And "old, his solid track record. It has the largest user base there, and has a private forum for advice and support members (moderate so that you can not complain). Forex Autopilot is a "must have" in your arsenal - but as an entry-level expert advisor forex robot - you could do much worse. Occasional large losses are offset by many smaller profits. $ 97 - 60 day money back guarantee.