The life of a Forex Trader

  There are many things in your forex trading career that are just as important as a good system. You should never underestimate the importance of good attitude and the dangers of bad. A career as a trader can be a rich and rewarding experience or your worst nightmare.
I know many dealers to develop the drug and the foreign exchange market. An addiction that is as dangerous and destructive than any other. Trading on the forex market was never in the way you live your life to obtain.
It is easy for people with addictive personalities the wrong path to take, while trade in the markets. Therefore, self-knowledge is so important. If you do things that tend to compulsively then you should consider maybe twice before it was involved in negotiating the foreign exchange market, or any other market for that matter.

The forex market is a profession of addiction, and when ready, it can easily suck your life. Like alcohol, drugs or gambling.
Why do you do first? What do you expect to exit the market? Know your strengths and weaknesses? Different people act for different reasons. Analyze yourself and if you are you ready for the challenge to think forward. Trade is a wonderful and rewarding.
I think I can give you guidelines so you can determine if you have an addictive personality.
1 -. Analyze the history of your family.
Abused children or living in unstable homes to develop a more addictive personality.
2 -. Guilt
Do you feel guilty about something? You still do it anyway?
3 -. Have you lost control easily?
My father used to say, when I was young: "You can even enjoy a drink in a while, it's OK The problem is when you get the drink, I think this applies to any type of dependence, for example in the forex. market .. can you do for a living, but never live to trade.
Everyone knows the determination and the right information to act as one of the foreign exchange markets. Self-knowledge is as important as a good investment, it will help you avoid a lot of pain in your trading.