Forex Day Trading

Can you imagine that this is a $ 1.2 trillion is traded daily. That's 1.2 trillion per day
Now with the Internet you can exchange foreign currency. You can create an account with as little as $ 300.00 for anyone. Regular reports usually start with $ 3,000.00. They can be used in a position to finance a 100 So you can control or lot 10,000.00 in currency and $ 1,000.00 for each pip movement can bring to $ 100.00. With the mini account, you can control one tenth of a lot. $ 100.00 to $ 1,000.00 and your pip is worth $ 1.00. Only then you will understand what a pip is an increment in the movement of a currency

You buy when you think they grow and sell them when it will be weaker. Of course, there are maps and all sorts of ways to say what will happen. Just learn the in and out of the heights and depths
There are many different currencies, but here are the most important, which are negotiated
USA / USA YEN / GBP Japan / USA British Pound
USA / USA / EURO €, U.S. European / CHF Swiss Franc
U.S. / CAD USA / Canada € / Yen
There are no commissions or fees as low dealer spreads. These wide, depending on the business. Big pairs are 3-5 pips. Want to know more about all this, if you start from. The best thing to do is start with a demo account or what we as a paper account where you do everything as if it were real money, but it is only on paper. You will learn in and out and learn to understand how to read tables and bases. These are world events that the effect of the currency
There are many different strategies. All have their strengths and weaknesses. They treat everyone differently when you look at the tables and their movements. Want some ideas? There scalping
Trades, graphics surfing, sailing and much more. This fun and exciting, and sometimes an obstacle. Sometimes you will win 100 to 500 pips. Then there are times when you lose pips. You will never win all the time. But that's where it comes in. They are management control to learn more about your risk tolerance
Usually, the greatest sin and failure is coming, if you let your emotions get involved. Even the fat cats can sometimes engage their emotions. Most times it does not work and will cost you